Ranking the Best ISPs in the San Jose Area

You can find the best ISPs in the area if you are looking at your San Jose AT&T U-verse options. The service is going to help you to manage your Internet connection. You need a connection that is going to provide you with a fast service for your computers. Your computers are designed to give you fast uploads and downloads, but you have to make sure that you are getting that service from a trusted provider. You can use every provider in the book to get the right service, or you can simply choose the one that is going to give you everything you need.

Every Bundle

The bundle that you choose is going to be different from the bundles that other people have. These bundles can include your cell phone, home phone, TV and Internet. There are even instances where you can include your home security system in the bundle. You need to make sure that you are getting the service possible on all your connections at the same time. These things are easier to take care of, and they are much easier to pay for when they are all on one bill.

The Speed

You get to choose the speed that you want your services to go at. You have a choice between the standard speed that is used in most homes, or you can get a connection that is much faster. Business users can get a T-1 line that will power all the computers in their office at the same time, and you need to remember that there are many ways for you to keep your computers going with these pristine services.

You have a chance to make your home a much easier place to use the Internet, and you will not be bogged down by the slowness of the service that you are getting. Most people will find that they cannot get the best service when they are not searching, and you should keep looking until you find something that is truly going to help you get connected to the rest of the world. You have a chance to change the way you internet with the Internet if you are willing to make just a few changes to your search.

Look for the plan that allows you to bundle, and make sure that you have a plan that is going to save you money because you bundled. You also need to make sure that you are getting all your items on one bill so that you can save money because you were setting up the accounts properly.

Amazon To Deliver To The Trunk Of Your Car

As if Amazon is not amazing enough already with the option to have a Prime membership and receive free two day shipping, they now want to kick it up a notch further. Amazon will now start delivering packages you order directly to the trunk of your car. Only being announced as a pilot program in Germany, it still has great potential for this service to really take off.

Amazon has partnered with Audi and DHL Parcel to launch the pilot program next month in Munich, Germany. The idea started when customers began complaining about missed deliveries because they were at work during the day. It’s not always appropriate to have packages delivered to your workplace so they figured that this was the next best thing. Right now the pilot is focusing only on Audi owners, however if the program proves to be a success they are looking to expand outside of Germany and to all Amazon Prime owners, regardless of what type of vehicle they own.

Logistics still need to be worked out should the pilot prove to be a success. However for now a select group of Audi owners have agreed to let their vehicles be traced the day of the delivery. DHL Parcel will then equip delivery personnel with a smart phone and app that will allow them to locate the vehicle and Audi will team up to allow keyless entry into the trunk of the car. Once the delivery occurs, the trunk will close and be locked automatically. An automated email message will then be sent to the owner of the vehicle indicating the delivery was successful.

In case you’re wondering how DHL Parcel delivery drivers will locate cars parked in secured lots or company garages with private access, don’t worry. Amazon has truly thought of everything. Customers who park in private, company owned parking lots or public garages with gated access will still be eligible for the trunk-side delivery service. The service is even available to cars parked on the street.

If a customer is unhappy with the product they have ordered, Amazon has also developed a pretty simple return policy. So easy in fact customers just need to put the items they wish to return back into their trunks. They can effortlessly schedule a return pick up and DHL Parcel will handle the rest.

Both Amazon and Audi are anticipating the pilot program to gain quick popularity. In fact, Audi said that if the program is as popular as they believe it will be they will be looking to expand the delivery service to other online retailers. They plan to launch the “Audi Connect Easy Delivery” service shortly after the initial Amazon pilot program.

There is no doubt with the increase in technology and the many advances being made in the automobile industry we are able to take convenience and accessibility to an entirely new level. This could be the start of something groundbreaking, revolutionizing the world of delivery service.

NailO – Fashion Meets Computer Technology

It looks like a bandage you had to use to cover a ripped nail. However, it is the newest technology enabling you to control your digital devices. NaillO, developed at MIT Media Laboratory, is actually a small device you attach to your thumbnail. When NailO is activated it becomes a personalized wireless track pad allowing you to work remotely with any touch pad device. It integrates a processor, the Bluetooth radio and the battery into an incredibly small fingernail sized package. Since it does not need to be plugged in or connected to anything, NailO allows for easy access to touchscreens in phones and computers.

NailO has three separate chips which are confined into this thumbnail sized space but, according to Artem Dementyev, a graduate student in media arts and sciences at MIT, “designing the antenna was probably the hardest part”. Dementyev, one of the paper’s authors, stated that the “antenna, had to be far enough away from the chips so it did not interfere with them”.

The battery is also a special challenge. A trip to China to talk with battery manufacturers may have brought a technology to provide them with a better battery that fits into a thumbnail, yet it’s thickness is only half a millimeter. The purpose is of course to save space, which is leading them to discover a way to combine all three necessary chips into one. The process to turning NailO off an on is still being worked on, which is another measure of saving the battery’s energy supply.

Interestingly enough the device was a result of the fashion stickers that some Asian women are using on their nails. These colorful stickers are very popular according to Cindy Hsin-Liy Kao, one of the other paper’s lead authors. Kao was unable to find the fashion stickers and had to have them sent to her from Taiwan. Ms. Kao is also an MIT graduate student in media arts and sciences.

The idea ballooned from there with the intent that NailO will be completely customize-able with different “stickers” to cover it as well as being completely functional. The stickers are interchangeable so the piece is also a fashion statement.

Imagine being in a being important meeting and you need to let your spouse or child know you will be late. This can be accomplished without your colleagues knowing what you are doing. It can also be used in cooking when following a recipe by scrolling pages without having you leave the task you are currently on. The purposes the NailO can be used for are just being explored. Many more uses will no doubt be forthcoming soon.